Acoustical Information

The information on this page will be updated as additional material becomes available.

  • The ICA provides a Calendar of upcoming Meetings and Congresses.
  • See the Map of Acoustical Societies at the EAA website.
  • Link to a site on a Career in Acoustics established by the Acoustical Society of America.
  • Who's Who in Acoustics in India and France 2013
  • Acoustics Today, the science magazine of the Acoustical Society of America, features articles on a wide range of acoustics of interest to ICA members. Acoustics Today is open access and all past issues, as well as new and other things about acoustics, are found at Acoustics Today.
  • Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) is a comprehensive, educational website on underwater sound, designed to provide accurate scientific information at levels appropriate for all audiences, including decision-makers.

The ICA accepts the position that "effective communication of scientific results and viewpoints to the public is an important responsibility of the scientific community". See the Advisory Note on Science Communication published by the International Council for Science (ICSU).

Technical Committees

Some ICA Member Societies and International Affiliates have set up technical committees that cover specific subfields of acoustics. These are listed below to help people outside acoustics find the expertise they need. (If there are technical committees that have not but should have been listed, please contact

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

For an overview and links, go to ASA Technical Committees.

  • Acoustical Oceanography
  • Animal Bioacoustics
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Biomedical Acoustics
  • Engineering Acoustics
  • Musical Acoustics
  • Noise
  • Physical Acoustics
  • Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
  • Signal Processing in Acoustics
  • Speech Communication
  • Structural Acoustics and Vibration
  • Underwater Acoustics

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (DEGA, the German Acoustical Society)

A listing of technical committees and links can be found at Fachausschüsse /-gruppen. In German.

European Acoustics Association (EAA)

For an overview and links, go to EAA Technical Committees.

  • Computational Acoustics
  • Hydroacoustics
  • Musical Acoustics
  • Noise
  • Psychological and Physiological Acoustics
  • Room and Building Acoustics
  • Ultrasound

Institute of Acoustics (IOA)

For an overview and links, go to IOA Specialist Groups.

  • Building Acoustics
  • Electroacoustics
  • Environmental Noise
  • Measurement and Instrumentation
  • Musical Acoustics
  • Noise and Vibration Engineering
  • Physical Acoustics
  • Speech and Hearing
  • Underwater Acoustics

International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (ICBEN)

A listing of international noise teams and links can be found at ICBEN.

International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (I-INCE)

For an overview of past and current activities of technical groups, go to I-INCE Technical Activities.

Sociedad Española de Acústica (SEA, the Spanish Acoustical Society)

A listing of specialized sections can be found at Secciones especializadas. In Spanish.

Société Française d'Acoustique (SFA, the French Acoustical Society)

A listing of technical groups and links can be found at Activités et Groupes. In French.