Hosting the International Congress on Acoustics

The International Commission for Acoustics initiates and sponsors International Congresses in countries of its Member Societies. There is a long planning cycle for every International Congress on Acoustics. Based on proposals to hold future congresses, the Commission Board invites a member society to undertake the organisation of a congress.

The final decision by the Board to extend an invitation is made six years in advance.

Member Societies are invited to make proposals to the Commission Board to host the International Congress on Acoustics. A Member Society may be selected as a host if the professional acoustical activities in the potential host country are sufficiently well-developed that active participation by 800 or more registrants at the International Congress can reasonably be expected.

Early proposals may have the form of a letter of intent. The formal proposal on which the Board's decision will be based must be complete. A representative for the inviting society is expected to present the proposal to the Board.

Information to be included in the formal proposal:

  1. the proposed city and transportation access
  2. the proposed site (e.g. a hotel, university, or conference center)
  3. the proposed dates with possible alternatives
  4. the expected number of registrants
  5. the availability of local society members who could support the running of the Congress
  6. the proposed General Chairman
  7. the proposed Technical Programme Chairman
  8. tentative budget information including estimated congress fee
  9. accommodation options and travelling information for participants

Detailed Guidelines for the organisation of the International Congress on Acoustics are available.